The Hope Collection (THC) has an interest in supporting programs and projects in eight areas:  Education, Clean  Water & Food, Fine Arts, Faith Based, Family, Health,  Energy and Housing.  Often, initiatives in any one of these areas involves activities in the others.  It is the mission of THC to provide the best of the 21st Century’s discoveries to all these areas across the board.  For too long society has moved forward in some areas and backwards in others.  The net of this approach just creates wider gaps in society as a whole.  THC is bringing the “best of breed” providers together with those visionaries at all levels of society that strive to make a sustainable and positive difference at the grassroots levels of society.  THC’s in-house experts do the vetting required and bring the comprehensive package forward for support.

This list will fluctuate as project life cycles evolve, but we wanted to give you a sense of the breadth of projects that we consider.