The mission of “Hope’s Collection” is to identify and supply resources that will support projects that will provide “Substantial and Sustainable Social and Economic Growth” in the fields of: 

Health & Wellness, Performing and Fine Arts, Family Issues, Development & Housing, Technology / Energy / Communications, Faith Based Leadership, Education, Food & Nutrition

There are no geographical restrictions for such programs and all are aimed at breaking down the day to day issues created by the cycle of poverty at the grassroots of society.

  • Ronald Claydon, President
  • Robert Oakley, Vice-President
  • Rick Reese, Treasurer
  • Barbara Reilly, Secretary
  • Dale Zajac
  • Jack Hawley
  • Gary Helffenstein
  • Brad Dorsey

  • Linda Umphreyville, Recording Secretary
  • Captain Len Kaine, Senior Advisor
  • Chuck Vollmer, Senior Advisor

Public disclosure documents

2001-2006 The creation of the first Virtual Value Network (VVN) and refinement through a 5 year Beta testing process in eleven verticals with seven modules.  Bringing the high tech of the enhanced communication, monitoring and storage capability of the new IT world together with the collaboration of world class providers to serve common objectives.

2006 to today Taking the VVN to the marketplace as a tool for non-government organizations (NGO), charities and for profit entities and focusing its applications in a post 2001 environment.  Sifting though the players to find those that will be in the game for the long term and can provide the requisite services and oversight for the 21st Century Smart Living demand.  After the shake out and collaboration of the old and the new the quality of life of this century will be one only dreamed of by a handful of citizens.

Although the origins of the concept of charity go back to antiquity, the modern American legal concept of charity is derived principally from the Elizabethan Statute of Charitable Uses. The preamble of the Statute provides that some funds should be set aside for the following charities: Statute of Charitable Uses, 1601, 43 Eliz. 1, C4.   

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