Identifying, supporting and promoting the “Fruitful Lives” of everyday citizens, i.e., athletes, artists, coaches, pastors, employees, business owners, and volunteers, etc. who make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Acquiring and developing facilities that provide hands on application of the 21st Century's Smart Living Techniques to global audiences.

Building 21st Century smart living technology and green homes for Veterans; Single Parents; 55+ with some medical or other disenfranchisement; and the Emotionally and Physically Challenged. Collaborating with existing Faith Based organizations as well as Easter Seals and NYC Relief, etc. as part of Attainable Housing initiatives.

Supporting educational models that drive “Continuous Progress” education models at all levels. Examples - Veritas Sports Academy's ethics based efforts, Kids Dads Moms' programs and Kids Science Quest curriculum. The classes/ programs include adult small business / job training as well!