1.   THC does not publicly solicit donations through this or any other website, mailings, advertisements, calling campaigns, independent representatives, or any other activity.  If someone or some correspondence indicates that they represent THC in an effort to interest you in paying or donating money, assets, or any other resources, please discontinue your affiliation with them regarding THC and forward their contact information to THC.

2.   The mission of THC is to “Help Others by Helping Them, Help Others!”  THC accomplishes this task in many ways, but not by taking something from someone.  If you have some method for trying to use THC to take advantage of others, please stop now.  If you are interested in participating in the efforts of THC, you must register as a member at no cost.  The information you provide in the membership form will never be given out or sold to anyone or any entity.  Your membership will provide many positive options that you may enjoy or find useful but there are no requirements to participate. 


3.   People or entities become involved with THC as part of a vetted and approved project.  These activities are designed to supply great satisfaction and contribute to the well being of others. All members of THC must be screened for the good and safety of all parties involved.

4.   If you do choose to participate or contribute in some way once you have become a member, you will be vetted to assure THC that you are not money laundering, working with stolen goods, involved in a tax scheme, have terrorist based plans or projects, have or are associated with others who have a track record of illegal activity, are a pedophile, have a record of some other predator activity, or in any other way trying to subvert THC’s mission for your gain.

5.   THC is a relatively new organization which was officially approved as a public 501C3 in June, 2009.  THC has no past or present affiliations or activities with any political groups, activists, NGO’s, or other business groups. If such affiliation is claimed by any person or entity claiming to represent THC or its interests, please discontinue your affiliation with them regarding THC and forward their contact information to THC.

6.  If you choose to become involved with THC and its mission, we “Hope” it is a positive experience and that you indeed, “Help Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!”