1. Years of independent involvement in humanitarian activities by a group of collaborators who served on boards, as feet on the street, fund raisers, spokespersons, contributors, service providers and any role required to meet the many needs of benefactors or as recipients of benefits that today have taught them the requisites of such service.
  2. Late 1980’s and early 1990’s - The demise of the USSR and its totalitarian partners in other countries.  Hardly remembered today by a new generation, this post war polarization between the free world and the communist regimes had a tragic grasp on much of the world’s population that led to a huge demand for funds and services symbolized by the “Wall Being Knocked Down!”
  3. 1996-98 – The dotcom demise.  The time period of the 1990’s the poured large sums of funds into the IT world.  Although this period led to the loss of investment capital by many who saw the future and invested in companies that went under it jump started globalization.  The fiber optics roads were built to be run on and the satellites were afloat to be bounced off.
  4. 2000 – The Y2K Dilemma focused the world on updated the programming of the mainframes and as a result laptops and hand held devices.  Even more significant was the global participation in the process that brought distant parties together for a common cause.  New economic, educational and philanthropic relationships drove the need for further communication and IT development and thus the requirement for new and civil political relationships.  Shared responsibility and shared futures.
  5. 2001 – 2006 The creation of the first Virtual Value Network (VVN) and refinement through a 5 year Beta testing process in eleven verticals with seven modules.  Bringing the high tech of the enhanced communication, monitoring and storage capability of the new IT world together with the collaboration of world class providers to serve common objectives.
  6. 2006 to today - Taking the VVN to the marketplace as a tool for NGO’s, charities and for profit entities and focusing its applications in a post 2001 environment.  Sifting though the players to find those that will be in the game for the long term and can provide the requisite services and oversight for the 21st Century Smart Living demand.  After the shake our and collaboration of the old and the new the quality of life of this century will be one only dreamed of by a handful of citizens.


It is THC’s mission to serve as a catalyst in this process.