In a time when there has never been more good going on in the world, there is a perception that the critic is winning the day.  In an effort to capture an audience politicians, news networks, television shows, movies, etc all seem to believe that their share of the market can only be captured with criticism, negativity and derogatory content.  As a result, this flow of information tends to be compounded in everyday person to person conversation at home and work. 

This needs to be challenged!

The truth is that never before in the history of mankind have more people been free to live the life of their choice.   

  • People live two to three times as long as they did in 1900.
  • More people receive formal educations than ever. 
  • Charitable giving, both financially in time and in supplies donated have never been at today's levels. 
  • Support groups for special needs start every day in chapters around the globe.
  • Technology, in some form, brings people together in collective enterprise, like never imagined.  The global supply chain is tying people of varying cultures, Faiths, political viewpoints and expectations together for universal good in unheard of proportions.
  • Today we look at just a handful of totalitarian states where their people are impoverished, when history can document 1000's of such regimes.
  • Today, universal access to reliable information, works to reduce the ability of a few to control the lives and resources of the many.

Sooooo, it is that the notion of "Fruitful Lives" is presented to you.  We believe that everyday billions of people live lives that produce "good fruit" and it is high time that the world hears this message.  A message that describes the actions of the majority that produce good fruit, not a message that governs the few who choose to produce poison fruit! 

 Does change that comes from global growth cause challenges?  Yes! 

 Does lack of change in areas not yet engaged cause challenges?  Yes! 

 Initiating and sustaining progress that deals with challenges positively, however, is based on people learning the message of fruitful activity often enough that it becomes their standard for behavior.

  • Everyday, mothers and fathers, love their children, work to provide, protect and develop them. 
  • Everyday, people go to work and give an honest days effort for a days pay. 
  • Everyday, elected officials dedicate their lives to doing a good work for their constituency. 
  • Everyday entrepreneurs experiment, invest, risk, provide jobs, solutions and alternatives to the market place.  
  • Everyday people pray, act in Faith and are good stewards of their talents

Soooooo, write to us about people who are making a difference in your community!!
We will help you honor them and then combine it with the stories of others and tell the world via books, TV, IPTV, radio, news releases, interviews etc. 
Let's collaborate to celebrate and produce good fruit!  What can you do?

Below is an outline for you to complete and return. This will help us tell the story!

  1. Submit a biographical outline or narrative describing their journey.
  2. Name and describe 3 core values or principles in their life. 
  3. Name and describe 3 key relationships in their life.
  4. Name and describe 3 activities, circumstances or events that have shaped their life.
  5. Name and describe 3 dreams or goals they still look forward to accomplishing.
  6. Describe how they have dealt with adversity in their life.
  7. What final words of advice would you share with the reader?