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The Hope Collection (THC), a 501(c)3, is creating Intergenerational Continuous Care Communities (ICCC) for Veterans, 1st Responders, Seniors and their extended families at locations across the country where residents "Overcome to Become!"

THC is working closely with many others to establish next phase transition communities where both the giver and the receiver have room to grow. Some of the people that are working with THC include: care givers; occupational consultants & corporations; municipalities; banks, financiers & accountants; IT specialists; developers & green builders; educators; the faith community; the agriculture industry; culinary experts; energy suppliers; performing & fine artists and social agencies.

Our country has been dealing with intense extended conflicts and natural disasters over the past decade. The unique "fallout" of each has been a signature of the conflicts and has provided unanticipated ongoing issues and costs for the private sector, government and charitable outreach organizations. Additionally, the awakening of the post-communist global marketplace has created a new G-20 and geopolitical environment to be worked with as well. Each provides new opportunities.

THC's emphasis on the intergenerational and extended family is central to creating stable, functional and sustainable community solutions. The Army with its Warrior Transition Command and the support of the Veteran's Administration is working around the clock and around the globe to accommodate the demands of their "Warriors!" This includes those on the front lines as well as their "Wounded Warriors," Reservists, National Guardsmen and those who have already transitioned back into civilian life. 

The ICCC plan includes provision of green energy free housing at beneficial rates as well as physical, mental, family, Spiritual support services, mentor relationships, the arts & science, education, jobs and small businesses opportunities for all its residents. Those that have been the benefactors in the initial footprint will "pay it forward" to the next location and ultimately network with the remaining communities to exponentially expand each location's opportunities. 

Not only will each ICCC create a "cycle of appreciation" for its occupants and practitioners but it will also help revitalize its surrounding municipality and region. This can be accomplished while reducing federal spending demands and decreasing the citizenry's dependency.

THC looks forward to collaborating with its many old and new friends in launching an initiative to support the transition of its "Heroes" into a new productive and functional phase of their lives. "Can-do Communities for Can-do People!"