The word “Stakeholder” implies one who has an interest of some sort in an activity, initiative, entity or group.  This stakeholder has something to gain, lose, contribute to, receive from or comment about.  They can be moved, engaged, leveraged by, bequeathed to, leave to others as a legacy or store for a later date.  They are often recognized by others for their “Stakeholdership” or feel hurt for not being recognized as such.  A stakeholder can learn from or teach about the content or context associated with this position.  And so it goes. 

The truth is we and our representing corporate entities that we create at our accountant and lawyers demand, are all stakeholders in countless activities and exchanges, both good and bad, effecting untold others.  We have a place, it has value, and when engaged with others this can create ground swell.

The stakeholders affected by The Hope Collection are named “Legion.”  They have many dialects, diverse talents and gifts, varied backgrounds, and both diverse and similar needs. By coming together, they can make a profoundly positive difference for many others.

Our creed is “Helping Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!”  This speaks to the synergy between “strange bedfellows”.  When two come together, the whole can truly be much greater than the sum of the parts! 

So this section will document that story, of those often unknown stakeholders coming together, who they are, what they did, about their collaboration, its impact and its sustainable result.


You may want to find yourself entering into the picture as well as a stakeholder.  Just write us at “Contact Us” and lets talk about synergy!!!